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Think you don’t make enough money to save some of it? Think again!

If you earn $25,000 a year for 40 years, you will have earned $1 million dollars! Earn $35,000 for 40 years, and you’ve earned $1.4 million dollars. And if you earn $45,000 for 40 years, you’d have made $1.8 million dollars!

Pay yourself first and you can get ahead in the savings game. Here’s what can happen when you save just $100 a month for 40 years:

  • At three percent interest, you would have about $93,000.
  • At five percent interest, you’d have about $153,240.
  • If you got a nine percent interest, you’d have about $472,000.

That’s the power of paying yourself first! After all, it’s not what you earn – it’s what you keep!

o put away each month to reach your retirement goals. Don’t pay the high cost of waiting!